Put your gun on your guns.

The folding bicep brace is a project I began in late 2016. The bicep brace is a prototype, not a finished product, and is still very much a work in progress. It is patent pending. This started as an arfcom post that was published in TFB and subsequently took off from there. I am putting together this short wordpress site to address some things and answer some frequently asked questions, this is also a redirect placeholder for bicepbrace.com because it was previously just redirecting to the arfcom post.

Info Links:

AR-15.com Thread

Demo Video

High-Res Images

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TFB Article

RECOIL Article

TGC News Segment


Q: What is the folding bicep brace? 

A: The folding bicep brace is a…. you guessed it. A bicep brace that folds. Instead of using your shoulder, the bicep brace comes in contact with your upper arm/bicep region and allows you to stabilize your pistol with that 3rd point of contact, and provides a great platform for recoil transfer. It uses a carbine buffer tube, and has several points of adjustability including an adjustable cheek weld sleeve for shooters of different size/posture. And it all folds up into something that’s about 65mm wide!

Q: Do you have an ATF letter? 

A: Yes! It actually took me nearly a year and a half to get, and I was rejected twice by ATF FTISB before receiving the approval letter. I have a copy of it plastered up on my safe at home as sort of a trophy.

Q: Why is it so ugly? 

A: Well jeez you hurt my feelings there. It’s a prototype. When I started on this project I knew that if i made something like this it would need to fold up into something about as thick as a shoulder stock, and no thicker than the AR. I have achieved both at least in this prototype, as it is sitting at about 65mm wide folded up. I plan on trying to improve the looks in the future, but right now i’m focused on demonstrating the functionality.

Q: What’s the point if you can just shoulder another pistol brace? 

A: I won’t elaborate on this much, but I have obtained evidence that leads me to believe ATF is reclarifying this topic. I’m not here to piss on any parades or ruin the fun for anyone though, but I’m not giving up my work on the brace as a result.

Q: When can I buy one? 

A: That’s a good question. My resources are kinda limited right now. I have already talked to a few interested parties who would like to work with me to bring this to market. I’m not committed to anyone yet and am still hearing everyone out, so if you are in a company and interested in working with me to get this to market, feel free to hit me up at heston@bicepbrace.com.

Also I’m giving some prototype samples out to some editors and youtubers and special folks to do some testing here with them. Which, if you have a youtube channel with a following or run a gun blog, feel free to send me an email at heston@bicepbrace.com to request a sample.

Q: Can I run a story/article/video talking about your bicep brace?

A: Yes, yes and yes! Positive or negative I am open to hearing what everyone has to say about the brace, and am taking all feedback I see into account. Feel free to use any of the images I posted up on the arfcom thread or the demo video I uploaded to youtube.

Q: Where are you located? 

A: I’m in Austin, TX!

Q: Why don’t you have a website setup or anything professional looking? 

A: Well, to be honest I thought I would just share my progress on arfcom, but then this ended up blowing up into something gun blogs and podcasts and news folks wanted to cover. Which is fine, I 100% appreciate the feedback I’ve been getting from everyone, but I wasn’t quite anticipating how much people wanted to talk about it. So as a result, I was a little underprepared.

Q: What made you want to create this?

A: After looking over the pistol braces on the market at the time, it just seemed like there was a large gap in the market for people who actually wanted a pistol brace and not a psuedo-shoulder-stock. While the SB-15 and other forearm braces serve a great purpose for folks with disabilities or limited mobility, it doesn’t cater terribly well (in it’s “intended use”) to able-bodied shooters. I decided a platform that mimicked the stability you get from a shoulder stock, while remaining legal to attach to a pistol, was necessary to be developed.

I actually had started with a brace that connected to your chest, near the sternum area. Problem is, this is a sensitive area for many people and even over the pectoral muscle depending on how much fat is present in the area it can cause a serious lack of stability. There was also the fact that ATF’s definition of “shoulder” wasn’t as clear with a sternum/pectoral brace, and they might have classified such a brace as a shoulder stock if it could be used as one comfortably.

So I decided the bicep/upper arm was the best way to go. But it needed to have a platform that folded up into something no thicker than at least the AR itself, otherwise it would be ridiculous looking and impractical on a compact AR. It also needed to rapidly adjust for different users and be able to sufficiently direct the recoil in a manner that didn’t cause much more muzzle flip than a traditional stock.

Today’s current iteration functionally meets all of those needs. The last thing I am perfecting of those is rapid deployability. Currently the locking arm locks on its own upon deployment, but the clamp does not and requires you to push down on a toggle to actuate the lock, hence the 3 ugly springs that are visible on the side of the arm. I aim to fix this and then it will be at least functionally sufficient to everything I originally set out for it to do.

Q: Why don’t we just repeal the NFA?

A: I’m with you. Unfortunately as a regular citizen there’s only so much I can do. I knew I could build this thing to solve the constant flip-flop legality problem with pistol braces, with the skills and resources I have, so I went and did it. If I could repeal the NFA right this minute I absolutely would. But unfortunately it’s not that easy. Thankfully, this will likely be used as an example as to how perpetually stupid the NFA really is, whenever congress does decide it’s time to repeal it.

Q: Can you shoulder the bicep brace? 

A: No. Seriously. Just don’t do it. Why are you even asking this? It’s not like i’m gonna hover over you telling you what you can and can’t do.

Q: Do you have a place we can contact you if we’re interested in doing business with you?

A: heston@bicepbrace.com.